The Occult & the Mind

The past few days have been tied to the occult and the mind. Through numerous conversations, these topics are being brought up, and they’re causing me to reflect. I’ve always been someone who is so intrigued by the occult, as in astrology, numerology, energy, the healing of nature, etc. & As of recently, the scientific aspect has been pulling me in: quantum theory, time, and the human mind. 

At dinner a few nights ago, I had a conversation about the mind. I was in good company: a psychologist and a sociologists. We swapped stories about different experiments and new findings, all in awe of the recent discoveries coming to light. 

I mean, how amazing is it our minds are genuinely such mysterious, unlimited, tools to project the reality we really want? How amazing is it that our entire lives are at the tips of our fingertips and within what we believe? The reason I’m reflecting this morning is because of how important it is to tap into those gifts and abilities. Not in the blah-blah-good-energy way, ( well, also that) but from a proven point of view…the law of attraction is real people! 

Happiness is such a forgotten emotion, especially in the crowd I used to spend so much time in. I used to think that a person wasn’t deep if they weren’t experiencing the dark depths of life. Yet, spending some time in the Latin community gave me an entirely different perspective I’m forever thankful for. They’re such a warm, welcoming,  and affectionate community. They’re always looking for reasons to celebrate and come together.

The ultimate point is, is that through self-awareness of occult sciences, and through the manifesting of the human mind, happiness is within grasp. How one perceives the world is how they will experience the world.  How one believes in oneself is how other people will believe in them. If I believe that I am the most beautiful girl in the world, then to me, I am! If I believe that I am always going to be financially secure, then I will be! The more we focus on the good in our lives, in ourselves and our futures, the better off we’ll be. If you think you’re always going to get sick, you will. Our minds are mirrors of the reality we experience. 

I challenge anyone reading this to switch the conversation in your mind. There’s a little voice that is present in so many of us. It says things like, “You can’t do it,” or “You’re not good enough,” or even, “You’re not worthy of this.” We’ve all been there. Believe me. & That’s precisely why I encourage you to change the mental conversation. I encourage you to find healthy activities that don’t make you overthink, like dancing, music, sports, etc. I encourage you to trade every negative remark with something positive. That also goes for the people around you. 

Perhaps, a week, of not thinking anything bad about another person. Not about their appearance, not about their driving skills, and not about their rude demeanor. Instead, replace thoughts with those of positivity. See how that changes your perspective and mood for the week. 

The same goes for your own internal dialogue. Whenever that little voice says you can’t, say to yourself that you can. Tell yourself the opposite of that voice. See yourself, your surroundings, and your circumstances differently. See how you feel! Our thoughts affect our bodily health, as well as our spirit. 

Here’s an interesting link on some of those experiments we discussed. 



What is inspiration and what does that mean? What’s the feeling you get when something touches you emotionally and artistically? What’s the sensation you get when you dive into spiritual oneness mentally with somebody else? What’s that worth? Everything? I don’t ever want to lose that ability to be able to feel the grand finale to the silent everyday symphonies.

Take time to get inspired. Life isn’t all about the work and the push and the rush… sometimes it’s just an elongated moment to sit with yourself in a space where inspiration hits you like a freight train and your lungs fill with what feels like the elements of life itself - swirling from the center of your chest, exploding through your entire body. I think that’s what life is about for me. I think it’s that feeling that keeps me, me. I think it’s the strength I need to be my best version. It’s everything.

It’s really easy to get caught up in things or lifestyles or images that don’t matter. 

It’s really easy to get caught up in your Instagram feed and it’s color-coordinated layout. 

It’s really easy to get caught up on beautiful and what agency everyone’s from. 

It’s really easy to question yourself. 

But honestly… 

“On one hand who care? & on the other, so what?”

We all get brainwashed into this bullshit society of having to be something or somebody / look a certain way. Reflect a certain something. 

Everyone is so unique and beautiful and everyone has this special kind of art to them that makes them exactly who they are, and its such tragedy that society and false expectations rob so many people of that - including me at times. It’s such a balance - to exist in this world and want nothing to do with it. 

- Peanut Gallery Photographer Notes 

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