Best suited for women looking to capture a specific moment in their lives. i.e. maternity, motherhood, weight-loss, a celebratory break-up, getting in touch with their feminine / intuition / sensuality / sexuality / etc.



Best suited for those who have just recently started to re-find themselves after a difficult break-up. Cheers to healing, my friend.



Best suited for women who are looking to transform the way they see their bodies. Start seeing yourself as art, because you are.



Do you shoot destination sessions?

Absolutely. If you see photos of a woman in the middle of the desert, then you know it was a destination location. I'm heavily inspired by nature and the similarities between the feminine form and the shapes of nature. The more destination locations, the better!

When do you recommend photographing maternity sessions?

Maternity dates can fluctuate woman-to-woman, but generally I'd recommend anywhere between the 6-7 month mark.

What comes with all of the Feminine Forms' sessions?

Great question! Every session comes with professional hair and makeup, print credits, and access to a selection of luxury bohemian gowns, kimonos, and cover-ups.

What is your poetry book?

Fire & Water is a recap of 2020, using both poetry and self-portraits from the year. The book is laid out in chronological order - with an emphasis on self-reflection and learnings from significant relationships I'd been in at the time. It's a book of heartache, and learning to re-love myself.

Can I do a Feminine Forms photo session if I'm not pregnant or a mother?

Absolutely. There are numerous reasons as to why people decide to book a session. A few of my favorite examples are: re-discovering one's femininity. Re-discovering sensuality and sexuality. Coming out of a divorce or break-up that's worth celebrating. Post-partum healing. Documenting youth. Documenting womanhood. Losing weight. Re-discovering one's self. The session itself is therapeutic, and good for the soul. The photos mark an important, transitional moment in your life.

Do you design homes?

It's one of my lesser known niches, but yes I do! I recently just completed an interior remodel on a home located in Miami Beach. Think my aesthetic of photos, in interiors. Earthy and sophisticated.

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