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Radiantly, You December

$100.00 USD


Space is Limited 

 Join Megan McCluer in November for a five-week, downloadable course teaching you the art of self-discovery, and ultimately giving you a deeper closeness to yourself, your passions, and your purpose. Consider this training for becoming the woman you've always wanted to be, (a big theme in this course.)

Women every month will be able to sign up, where they will work on a new self-discovery technique every week. Within the course, there are weekly lessons, resources, podcasts, newsletters, websites, book suggestions, and more. Megan has spent almost a decade collecting and applying. She shares only the most beneficial, effective, and thought-provoking information. It's a guarantee that your jaw will hit the floor more than once thinking, "How is this so accurate?!" 

December 1st

Week One: Psychology, Relationships, Career, Personality

Week Two: Astrology, Birth Chart, Lessons, Soul Destiny, Emotions, Communication, Purpose, 

Week Three: An Assessment of Current Levels and How to Live at Your MOST Radiant : An Illumination of Patterns 

Week Four: Discovering Your Life Path Energy

What's Included:

- A video overview of each lesson

- Reflective Questions at the End of Each Lesson 

- New Tools to Take With You for Life 

- Access to Numerous Trusted Resources 

- A Combination of Psychology and the Occult 

- An Optional, Hour-Long, Q&A Women's Circle Once a Week 

- Tests, Exercises, and Optional (but Recommended) Homework 

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