Full Moon Capricorn: What Does it Mean?

If you're celebrating Mercury stationing direct, you're not the only one. It's been three weeks of intense self-reflection, tech glitches, travel delays, and so much more. While Mercury in retrograde can get a bad rep, let us not forget to appreciate the beauty of the planet backspinning through our lives. Mercury, the planet of communication, shows us during these cycles what needs to change so that we can move forward with confidence. 


Thrown into the middle of Mercury Retrograde was an eclipse. These powerful energetic moments can bring sudden change or news. It's almost as if a veil gets taken down, and we're made aware, very quickly, of new bits of information. For the next little while, we'll be dancing between eclipses in the signs of Sagittarius and Gemini, which are knowledge and information signs. Learning to deal with an influx of information as a society? I think so. 


The last eclipses we danced between were Cancer and Capricorn. As this full moon in Capricorn lands in your chart today, you might have a sense of familiarity as there are elements in these horoscopes you've been dealing with / figuring out / growing towards / growing out of. Capricorn is the planet of old structures and tradition. Where in your life did you dissolve old beliefs, structures, or patterns? Find out more in the 'scopes.