It's officially December, and that means that astrologers around the world are dropping their monthly horoscopes. Every astrologer has their own take on what the cosmic forces have in store for each of the signs. As always, I recommend reading your rising sign. If you don't know your rising sign, you can click here to access your free birth chart. To know your rising sign (ascendant) you will need your exact time of birth.


Astrostyle by the AstroTwins is my go-to monthly, weekly, and even daily horoscope. The two sisters have a great way of explaining the cosmic weather, without overwhelming you with the details. Their fun, flirty, and light-hearted approach can turn even the most complicated of cosmic storms into a something seemingly positive.

Jessica Adams

What I love about Jessica Adams is her short descriptions of the days, weeks, and months ahead. She doesn't get bogged down by the details, nor does she tell you what aspects or placements she's referring to. Instead, she gives you the essence and let's you interpret the rest.

Mystic Medusa

This astrologer is completely anonymous. Nobody really knows who she is or what she looks like. All we know for sure is that she's an Australian poet / romantic, and a genius when it comes to spotting celestial patterns. While her horoscopes are only available as paid subscriptions, they're definitely worth it. What sold me on purchasing my own package was her Daily Personal Horoscopes, which are even more specific to each user, as it pulls from the natal chart and not just the transit chart.

Susan Miller

If you've been following astrology for a while, then you've heard this name. Susan Miller is one of the internet's OG astrologers, offering free extensive monthly horoscopes. The catch is that she's not always the most punctual, but it's worth checking back about a week into the month to take a deep dive on the monthly magic. What I like about Susan's horoscopes is that they're detailed in regards to the astrological aspects. For astrologers who have a handle on the basics, it's a great learning tool.

Terry Nazon

What really drew me in about Terry's work is her pinpointed accuracy with specific events. Typically, her weekly and daily horoscopes are what keep me intrigued but her monthly horoscopes offer a lengthy, literal interpretation of the upcoming energetics. Like Susan, Terry can be a bit behind. Her weekly horoscopes sometimes post at the end of the week and sometimes don't post at all, but that doesn't stop me from checking back every day.

These are just a few of my favorite written horoscopes from the web. If you're interested in viewing my favorite podcast 'scopes / youtube 'scopes, click here. Happy December!